Award Recipient - Associate of the Year

Associate of the Year

An award to recognize an Associate member that has supported Academy ideals and goals throughout the year; support is demonstrated by attending meetings and social functions, helping organize Calgary Chef Association events and supporting in unscripted manner our Association and our chosen profession.

1988  Canadian Pacific Hotels

1989  John Birk

1990  Western Quality Meats, Mr Dennis Kazakoff, account representative.

1991  Camera Foods Marketing

1992  Valbella Meats, Mr Walter VonRotz

1993  Western Quality Meats, Mr Glenn Baxter

1994  Calgary Food Equipment, Mr Bill Peters

1995  Marie Dickenson


1997  World Wide Foods, Mr Dave Russel, account representative.

1998  Trason Marketing, Mr Tom Shindruk

1999  Billingsgate Fish Company, Mr Bryan Fallwell, President.







2000  WOW Factor Desserts, Mr Warren  Koskey, account representative.

2001  Suzanne Tenold, Alberta Agriculture.

2002  Ocean Food Sales, Mr Dave Howell, account representative.

2003  SYSCO Calgary, Vaughan  Thomson, President

2004  Kraft food Services- Western, Michael Virzi, Manager

2005  Alberta Learning, Mr Bruce Comfort

2006  John Birk, Bridge Brand / GFS

2007 Mike Mitchell, Ocean Foods

2008 Ivan Sgarbossa & Weston Food Service 

2009 Al Kennedy, Advantage Foodservice

2010 GFS Calgary supporting High School Culinary Arts

2011 Alberta Cheese

2012 World Wide Foods

2013 SYSCO Calgary

2014 Al Kennedy

2015 David Crowfoot

2017 Dawn Foods