Award Recipients - Chef of the Year

Chef of the Year

The person named has demonstrated a long term commitment towards promoting our Association or publicizing our chosen profession locally and/or nationally, thus benefiting us all. The number of meetings attended, the level of involvement in Academy or Nationally sanctioned functions, a willingness to advance our trade by having apprentices on staff or involvement in culinary programs, participation in culinary salons or other public demonstrations are all areas of consideration.

These people shall remain Good Will Ambassadors of our trade.

1975    Henri Dane CCC  
1976    Henri Dane CCC
1977    Fred Balmer        
1978    Kurt Amsler CCC
1979    Reg Hendrickson CCC      
1980    Ronald Glover CCC
1981    John Walker CCC   
1982    Anton Fynebuik CCC
1983    Paul Mastalir CCC       
1984    Arthur Raynor CCC
1985    Ernst Egli CCC       
1986    Fred Zimmerman CCC
1987    Clive Chamberlen   
1988    John Hunter CCC
1989    Bruno Musa CCC    
1990    Brian Plunkett CCC
1991    Phil Hunt CCC     
1992    Dario Oteruelo CCC    
1993    Joseph Wetteskind CCC




1994 Martin Luthi
1995 Vince Parkinson CCC
1997 Dean Mitchell CCC & Don Turnbull
1998 Resi Mendoza CCC
1999 Don Turnbull
2000 Gerd Steinmeyer CCC
2001 Ron Foo
2002 Andy Waters
2003 Beat Hegnauer CCC
2004 Christopher Sprentz CCC
2005 Martin Heuser
2006 Blake Chapman
2007 Brad Horen
2008 Chris Thomson CCC
2009 Richard Thomas
2010 Peter Syriste CCC
2011 Dana Rogers CCC
2012 Beat Hegnauer CCC
2013 Derek Dale CCC
2014 Jun Causapin
2015 Martin Makulowich
2016 Daryl Kerr
2017 Mikael Volke CCC