Award Recipients - Educator of the Year

Educator of the Year

This individual is actively sharing their culinary knowledge with students, apprentices, colleagues, etc.. College and High School programs are highlighted, but other venues, such as Chefs with apprentices, also qualify. Promoting interest in the Culinary Arts in general is an asset and involving novices in our Association is an important consideration. Long term service to the Academy is crucial overriding single year achievements.

1988 Tom Fynebuik CCC

1989 Peter Schuster CCC

1990 Margaret Turner CCC

1991 Peter Siegenthaler CCC

1992 Helmut Schoderbock CCC

1993 Colin Maxwell CCC

1994 Wolfgang Stampe CCC

1995 Gerd Steinmeyer CCC


1997  Fred Malley CCC

1998  Margaret Turner CCC

1999  Maxwell Lawrence CCC







2000 Otto Daniels CCC

2001 Beat Hegnauer CCC

2002 Fred Malley CCC

2003 Margaret Turner CCC

2004 Martin Heuser

2005 Larry Frandle

2006 Age Van Leeuwen CCC

2007 Andrew Fowler

2008 Martin Makulowich CCC

2009 Sean Toner CCC

2010 Chris Murphy

2011 Blake Chapman

2012 Peter Syriste CCC

2013 Rupert Kaupp CCC

2014 Simon Dunn CCC

2015 Andy Waters 

2016 Mikael Volke CCC

2017 William Wentze