Award Recipients - Member of the Year

Member of the Year

This candidate continually supports and promotes the Calgary Chef Association. This award is open to all membership categories. Regularly attending meetings and participation in Academy events are essential criteria. This candidate best exemplifies what is good about this industry, our chosen profession and our Association. Long term service to the Calgary Chef Association is deemed essential.

1988 Brian Simpson

1989 Alf Saunders

1990 Fred Whitmore

1991 T. Boisjolis

1992 Rowena Morris

1993 Jennifer Phinney CCC

1994 Alfonso Morandi CCC

1995 Sean Toner CCC


1997 Clive Chamberlen

1998 Tom Fynebuik CCC

1999 Jennifer Phinney CCC







2000 Ron Foo

2001 Ulrich Kuenz

2002 Adela Curtean

2003 Clive Chamberlen

2004 John Pasley CCC

2005 Mike Rasmussen CCC

2006 John Walker CCC

2007 Ernst Egli CCC

2008 Tom & Fanny Fynebuik

2009 Blake Chapman

2010 Michelle O’Reilly

2011 Beat Hegnauer CCC

2012 Greg Trimming

2013 Helmut Schoderbock CCC

2014 Bryan Ursulan CCC

2015 Dean Mitchell

2016 Andy Waters

2017 Ulrich Kuenz