Minutes of the CACC business meeting, Oct. 5, 2022

C.A.C.C. October 5, 2022, meeting minutes.

Limericks Traditional Public House, 7304 Macleod Trail South, Calgary, AB

1) Fred, our chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

2) He thanked all for coming out and asked for our guests to be introduced. We had 18 people attend the meeting.

3) No discussion regarding the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

4) Don Turnbull moved to approve our minutes of the September 7 meeting at SAIT, seconded by Will Wentz- approved unanimously.

5) Helmut, our webmaster, is out of the country so no update on our website or social media accounts was presented. This was tabled to our next business meeting.

6) Fred announced that Bryan Connell has resigned as membership director. Christopher, our president, appointed, with board approval, Travis Birdsall to serve in that capacity.

7) The board of directors would like to fill the vacant Standing Committee Chair Finance so please direct any interest to the president, or any board member.

8) Life member Werner Kohl is in hospital, and we wish him a speedy recovery. Fred was speaking with his daughter, Patti, and he is doing well and is expected to be released soon.

9) Sympathies and condolences to our president, Christopher, on the passing of his father.

10) Best wishes to Jessica’s mother who recently had surgery.

11) Fred called for Limericks Exec Chef, Trevor Hopper, to step forward and presented him with a certificate of appreciation for hosting the meeting.

12) Fred then called for new member Mathieu Paré to come forward for his swearing-in ceremony. After reading the code of ethics Mathieu was then introduced as the newly appointed social director.

13) It was announced that our goal is to have the first Tuesday of the month as our meeting day; social events, such as our upcoming Christmas dinner will not necessarily follow this pattern.

14) Dean Mitchell is co-ordinating our International Chefs Day initiative this year.

15) Federico introduced tonight’s guest speaker- the owner/operator of the food truck Sisig Eh! They specialize in Filipino cuisine. It was pointed out sisig is a famous dish in the Philippines and what better way than add the Canadian expression “Eh” to the dish to come up with their company name. Rolyn and his wife came to Canada with little money but with boundless faith, energy and determination, coupled with a franchise development background back home; lacking sufficient funds to open a restaurant they optedinstead to build a food truck and the rest is history- they have found success and are looking to grow their business. This was a very interesting perspective on cooking and serving food.

16) Martin, our treasurer, was to give an update on our financials- unfortunately he was ill and was absent from the meeting; he will fill us in at the next meeting.

17) Mikael, one of our education directors, gave a brief rundown of the C.C.I. program- 2 courses, menu planning and food costing, have just started.

18) Fred talked of our upcoming Christmas dinner at the Ranche Restaurant on Monday December 12; $140 per person- gratuity and taxes included; cocktail hour with cash bar from 6 to 7 pm with butlered hors d’oeuvres and charcuterie boards; dinner from 7 pm with a 6 course tasting menu; we have 120 tickets available; contact Martin or Blake for tickets.

19) Our next meeting will be on Tuesday November 1st at Spolumbo’s Fine Foods and Deli.

20) Motion to adjourn made by Tierra Walter, seconded by Federico Jun Causapin- passed unanimously.